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Timelapse Photography

Whether ground-based or aerial, timelapse photography provides the perfect vehicle to show a compressed version of any task whether its duration is short like a day or two, medium like a few weeks to a month or long-term, lasting multiple months, years or more.  If you are looking to capture an entire building project or a construction process in a short clip, our construction timelapse photography is planned and edited into a final video. Regardless of if you are looking for a social media post or technical documentation for reporting or educational purposes, we can tailor a package to fit your specific goals.

Short Term Timelapse

Have a shorter process to feature? Our short-term time-lapses are perfect for a couple of hours to a day in length.

Medium Term Timelapse

Doing an installation that lasts a couple of weeks or a month? Our medium-term time-lapses can include multiple angles to best showcase your project or be integrated with video footage to tell a story.

Long Term Timelapse

Need something that lasts more than a month? Our long term timelapse solutions are ideal for full building construction.

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