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Video Production:
Tell your story.

At Take Off Photography, we see the world differently - each person, each scene, each frame can be a work of art. We offer full video production - from concept to shoot to post-production and motion graphics, our team will work with you to create the perfect video to capture your project. 


Our services include:

  • Planning/Storyboarding

  • Script Writing

  • Interviews & Voiceovers

  • Filming

  • Post Production

Corporate & Event Videos

Need a video for your website or a sizzle video from your last event? Our Corporate and Event videos are the perfect way to show what your company is all about or capture important moments.

Product & Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are the perfect way to showcase your product. Whether you’re looking for an explainer video to show how a specific product works or show off a finished installation, our videography and aerial services are the perfect combination.

Project Feature Videos

Whether your project is in the planning stage, midway through construction or completed, our project feature videos showcase what makes your project stand out. Using strategic interviews, voiceovers and stunning aerial clips, we carefully craft a narrative that tells your project’s story. 

Real Estate Videos

Produced in 4K, our real estate videos showcase your property in the best light. With options for custom shoots, including realtor intros and walkthroughs, custom animations, aerial footage and return trip offerings for sunset and blue hour, our videos will make your listing stand out on MLS and social media. Ask about our packages that include social media teasers!

Construction Milestone Moments

Capture the key milestones on your site with our milestone moment packages. From Groundbreakings to crane erections and concrete pours, we’ll be there to capture all of the action with time-lapse cameras, traditional ground-based cameras, and aerial footage.

Keeping it REEL

Need something with just as much punch in a smaller package? Our social media teasers may be the perfect fit! With 30-45 seconds worth of content carefully planned and edited in reel (vertical) format, they are the perfect way to grab attention on Instagram or Facebook. 

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